The Upcoming


New Era Public School celebrated its 56th Annual Day on 29 April 2016.   ...The Upcoming

New Era Public School celebrated its 56th Annual Day on 29th April 2016. The evening was an incredible example of how the school nurtures the potential of students. Blessed by the presence of  Director Mrs. Usha Chopra and marked by the gracious presence of  Mr. Rohit Chopra and the Principal Mrs. Vandana Chawla, the program was woven around the theme of teenage years

The program began with the lamp lighting ceremony After the auspicious start the stage belonged to the passionate students who put up amazing performances. Resonance – The School Orchestra brought to life the great symphonies. It presented the essence of orchestra  as school’s budding musicians brought together drums, tabla, guitar, key board, beat boxing and mouth organ.  Sare Jahan Se acha and Vande Mataram were given the modern twist in the piece.

This was followed by the patriotic song ‘Jagao Mera Desh’ An Ensemble – The School Choir brought out the spirit of patriotism through this song .The song urged the students to wake India up, to break all limitations, overcome fear and inhibitions to create a free India for everyone. It melodiously conveyed the sense of responsibility which students must realize and carry forward with full enthusiasm to make our country a free nation, a nation free from oppression and enslavement of mind.

The Prize Distribution Ceremony awarded more than 500 students for excellence in academics and co curricular events.

The theme for the Annual Day Drama  was Magic Years which  dealt with teenage dilemmas. Written by Mr. Feisal Alkazi, the script used dance, drama, narration and action and explored the lives of teenagers; values taught to the teenagers and varied emotions of teenage years. It told the story of four young people who struggled with their circumstances during these crucial years to become better individuals.

The evening came to end with the School Song . It symbolized the dreams and aspirations of our Founder Principal and Director of New Era Public School, Mayapuri Ms Usha Chopra and Principal Ms Vandana Chawla for our students. It inspired the students to dare to take initiative, to step forward in life with full enthusiasm and look forward for another successful year in the School.

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