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Earth Day

The Earth Day was celebrated in the Primary Wing - with various activities on 20th April, 2017. The aim was that students should be aware of the threats to our planet and take distinctive measures for “Saving the Earth”.

Class I-My Earth

Students drew pictures and made badges which they proudly pinned on their clean uniforms.

Class II-My promise on my fingertips

Students made one promise related to “Saving the Earth” on a cutout of their hands and decorated it, making a colourful hanging for all to see.

Class III-Paper bag decoration

Class III decorated paper bags in class emphasizing the fact that paper bags are better and more environment friendly than any other bags.

Class IV-Best out of waste

Class IV made useful items from waste products, stressing on reusing and recycling waste material.

Class V -Poster Making

Students of class V drew posters and wrote slogans related to “Earth Day” The students also visited other classes explaining the importance of following the three R`s-reduce, reuse and recycle.


Special Assembly For Earth Day

A special assembly was also conducted to celebrate “Earth Day” in the Primary Wing on 21st  April, 2017 .Students stressed upon a few things that children can do to make a difference. Students sang songs and performed a skit related to this. A pledge to Save the Earth was also taken by the students. Our Honorable Director “Mrs Usha Chopra graced the occasion. She urged the students to keep 2 important promises- not to use plastic bags and conserve water. She appreciated the efforts of the students. 

    Founder’s Day Activities

    A number of activities were organized on 12th April, 2017, in the Primary Wing to celebrate the Founder’s Day. It was a day of pride and joy for everyone. The students of classes I to V participated in the activities which showcased their love for the school.

    Class I and II used drawings as their medium of expression.   They drew and coloured pictures of the school garden, their classroom and the school play ground.

    Class III made book marks.These was beautifully decorated with beads and stars. A slogan, written by the students, showing their love for the school, adorned the bookmarks.

    Class IV worked in pairs and portrayed a glimpse of their future. They drew an impression as to how the school would have shaped their lives by the time they would be 18 years old.

    The students of class V composed acrostic poems on New Era Public School. The students used each alphabet of the school name to describe the incredible ways in which the school had influenced their lives.

    Prizes were given in each section for the 2 best attempts of the students


      World Health Day(Pr. Wing)
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      World health day

      World health day was observed in the school on 7th April, 2017. The students of classes I, II and III wrote some points on an A4 sheet related to General hygiene. They pasted pictures and made drawings on the sheet.

      Students of classes IV and V worked in groups and made posters on the topic- ‘Ways to prevent dengue and malaria’

      They too made illustrations on their posters.

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