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Environment Day(Pr. Wing)
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Environment Day Activities- 30th June 2017

The Environment Day was celebrated in the Primary Wing on the 30th June 2017.( as students were on vacation on 5th June)  Students were given an insight  into how important it is to take care of the environment in order to preserve “Our Earth”. Various activities were conducted by the students of classes I to V to exhibit the concept in different ways.

Class I – made posters to create awareness related to saving water for a secure future.

Class II- decorated bandanas with messages to save animals, birds and trees. These bandanas were proudly worn by the students.

Class III- created posters and wrote thought provoking slogans about ways to preserve the environment.

Class IV- stressed on the usage of paper bags for a polythene free world and decorated the paper bags beautifully.

Class V- Students were asked to collect information about a compost pit .Vegetable and fruit peels were put in a compost machine. This strengthened the idea for the correct disposal of biodegradable garbage. Discussions and write ups were done in the class to ensure that students understand the usefulness and importance of a compost pit.

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