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Earth Day

The Earth Day was celebrated in the Primary Wing - with various activities on 20th April, 2017. The aim was that students should be aware of the threats to our planet and take distinctive measures for “Saving the Earth”.

Class I-My Earth

Students drew pictures and made badges which they proudly pinned on their clean uniforms.

Class II-My promise on my fingertips

Students made one promise related to “Saving the Earth” on a cutout of their hands and decorated it, making a colourful hanging for all to see.

Class III-Paper bag decoration

Class III decorated paper bags in class emphasizing the fact that paper bags are better and more environment friendly than any other bags.

Class IV-Best out of waste

Class IV made useful items from waste products, stressing on reusing and recycling waste material.

Class V -Poster Making

Students of class V drew posters and wrote slogans related to “Earth Day” The students also visited other classes explaining the importance of following the three R`s-reduce, reuse and recycle.


Special Assembly For Earth Day

A special assembly was also conducted to celebrate “Earth Day” in the Primary Wing on 22nd April, 2017 .Students stressed upon a few things that children can do to make a difference. Students sang songs and performed a skit related to this. A pledge to Save the Earth was also taken by the students. Our Honorable Director “Mrs Usha Chopra graced the occasion. She urged the students to keep 2 important promises- not to use plastic bags and conserve water. She appreciated the efforts of the students. 

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