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Annual Prize Distribution (Primary)
Annual Prize Distribution 22nd and 23rd September 2016   ...News & Events

The Annual prize distribution of the Primary wing was held in the Saraswati Auditorium , on the 22nd and 23rd September 2016. The auditorium was adorned with beautiful panoramas paying a tribute to the magnificent world we live in. The programme began with a prayer to the creator, soliciting his blessings for all present there. A glimpse into the magical world of the Primary Wing followed in the form of a power point presentation, sharing with the audience many wonderful, fun filled learning activities conducted by the students and teachers through the year.
Our Honorable Director and head of all New Era institutions – Mrs. Usha Chopra addressed the gathering with golden words of advice and encouragement.
This was followed by the prize distribution for academic excellence and full attendance. The students of classes- 3, 4, and 5, marched smartly up to the dais when their name was called to receive their prize and certificate.
The melody of music came next filling the auditorium with a euphony of voices as about a hundred students of the Hindi Choir, sang Yeh Dharti, Yeh Nadiyan on 22nd September and the English Choir sang, We Are The World on 23rd September. The lyrics which appeared on the multimedia screen, side by side, had the audience singing along.
The Principal of the school and winner of the State Teachers Award 2016, Mrs Vandana Chawla later addressed the audience. She asserted the importance of hard work and dedication in order to achieve goals in life. She also appraised the gathering on the efforts that had gone into creating the epitome of the evening- Earth…….an Odyssey.
Earth…….an Odyssey.
Students of classes 3, 4, and 5, uncovered the mysteries of the Earth with light, music and dance. Our beautiful Earth, a million years ago was entirely different and it has taken billions of years of creation to bring it to what we see around us today. However, man`s greed has caused huge destruction and has brought the Earth to its brink. The students pledged to do their best to preserve the world.The programme was camaraderie of colours and words brought alive with multimedia presentations. The stage was lit with the grace of Greek gods and goddesses of the Olympus who took the audience into a world of mysticism and awe .From the creation of the Earth to the modern world they unraveled the journey of the Earth.


    Director's B'day Celebration 2016
    Chopra Ma'am's B'day   ...News & Events


      Teachers Day Special Assembly
      Teachers Day Special Assembly   ...News & Events

      A special assembly was organized to honour the pillars of the school, the teachers, for their tireless and tenacious devotion to the all round development of the students. The significance of 5th September was explained with a brief history about how it came into being Teachers Day. The students of class IV performed a skit that highlighted various aspects of what goes into creating a teacher.
      Mrs Usha Chopra our Honourable Director and the head of all New Era institutions, applauded the efforts of all the teachers and stressed upon the great influence that a  teacher has in shaping the society and the future of any country. The Principal Mrs Vandana Chawla also graced the occasion.


        Investiture Ceremony (Primary Wing)
        Investiture Ceremony (Primary Wing)   ...News & Events

        A special assembly was organised for the Investiture Ceremony on 1st of September. The Founder Principal and Director Mrs. Usha Chopra graced the occasion. Leaders are the role models who inspire others and motivate them to reach the target of success. The student council was given badges by the Director. The Director urged them to keep up their good performance. The Director motivated the badge holders to always remain leaders and excel in all spheres.