‘Chrysalis’ is a well graded technology that transforms learners into a colourful butterfly in year long journey having curriculum from Classes I to X covering nine technology areas. The technology curriculum is dealt thematically to enhance the understanding of the students. The themes are of academic relevance and are supported by interactive audio visual aids.

New Era Public School, Mayapuri celebrates ‘Chrysalis Day’ with great enthusiasm. Students are divided into groups according to their classes and topics are given class wise. This year Chrysalis Day 2015-16 was celebrated on 11thFebruary 2016 at two venues – Junior Audi (classes I to V) and A. V. Room (classes VI to X).The day saw the participation of all the students who prepared their group wise projects on the given topics.

The event started with the welcome of  Mrs. Usha Chopra,  The Founder Principal and Director of  New Era Public School and The Principal, Mrs. Vandana Chawla.

Children were encouraged by their presence where Mrs Chopra also motivated students to have a goal and become great IT experts like Sunder Pichai CEO GoogleSatya Nadella
CEO, Microsoft  etc . Mrs Chawla too encouraged children to learn and excel in the field of computers and also cautioned students to be very careful about cyber ethics.

The event saw some great project work done by each class group where classes I to V presented their colourful presentations on different interesting topics such as Seasons, Pets and Animals, Food Waste, Water Conservation, Eco friendly choices and Significant Space Mission. Classes VI to X also showcased their wonderful skills through their projects on topics like E- Governance, Cease Using Animal Products, Great Indian Leaders, Make My Trip, Gadget to substitute a teacher and software in Java on Staff Salary Calculation and Inventory Management by Class X students.

Many students presented their presentation using various attractive props and skits. Their enthusiasm with which they showcased their projects was a treat to watch for by the audiences. The event depicted the teamwork and collaborative technical skills of all participants.

It was a great learning experience for all the participants.