Community Service

Community Service

As a thought leader within the community, it is our duty to set an example for our students within the context of community development and service. We at New Era Public School believe children to be the most important asset of the nation and aim to equip them with knowledge and skills that will help them grow into productive and capable citizens.

In keeping with the view, the Counseling and Community Service Department of the School undertakes the following:

1. School Counselors focus on mental health, interpersonal relationships, social adjustment, academic preparation and career planning of the students. This is done through individual or group Counseling sessions.

2. Sessions and Workshops are done to promote gender sensitization to bring awareness of gender equality among students.

3. A complaint box is accessible to all and has helped informally to know the grievances of students for prompt action.

4. Workshops on best teaching practices are conducted to improve the teaching techniques.

5. School Counselors are also involved in identification of Children with Special Needs. After identification, they work in collaboration with parents, teachers and administrators to plan intervention and remediation program for these children.

6. The Counselors hold regular meetings with parents to apprise them of any concerns or to take feedback of the Counseling sessions.

7. In context of Community service, the School is involved in an initiative called the Each-one- Teach-One which involves imparting basic Literacy to the unlettered and illiterate by Student Volunteers of New Era Public School.