At New Era, we recognize that the education and developmental needs of different groups of cohorts must be addressed as individually. We encourage collaboration amongst various age groups, backgrounds and beliefs whilst promoting acceptance and tolerance for all. Largely the school is umbrellaed into four student categories; Primary (I-V), Developmental (VI-VIII), Middle (IX-X) and Seniors (XI-XII). The needs for all categories are different,therefore the thrust and methodology of each focus group differs according to their need.

Our Academic session of the school extends from April to March. It is divided between April - September as Term 1 & October - March being Term 2. All Syllabus planning is done prior to beginning of the new session.

For classes VI - X:

Each term consists of two Formative Assessments (FA) meaning four in Total throughout the year.
Each FA consists of three activities: individual, group and a pen-paper activity. Best score of the individual/group activity is taken along with the score of pen-paper activity. Each FA comprises only 10% of final grade. The assessments a these of activities are conducted to ensure the continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students, helping us highlight pupil strengths rather than focus solely on shortcomings.

Each Term consists of an end of term Summative Assessment (SA) comprising of 30% of the term grade. The first SA-I is usually conducted in September and the second SA-II in March. Compilation of the total result is based on the CCE scheme:
FA (1 - 4) — 40%
SA (1 +2) — 60%.

A no detention policy is applicable till class VIII

For classes IX & X:

CBSE guidelines are strictly followed for all Summative assessments in senior classes. Question papers sent by CBSE are implemented through randomized optimisation. The marking schemes are also adhered to for all paper corrections.

The promotion policy as suggested in the CCE format is completely adhered to. The students scoring a minimum of 25% in SA1+SA2 and an overall D grade in each subject are only promoted from class IX to class X. Only a single chance of IOP is given to the students who are eligible for improvement of performance.

Class X pattern is same as that of class IX. But after conducting SAII the result is uploaded for CBSE to declare the result.
Class XI promotion is strictly according to CBSE promotion policy.

For class XII, after the first term exam, the pre-board exams are conducted in December. Academically poor students are helped and guided throughout the month of January. Doubt clearing classes, discussion of Question papers is done in the January. This prepares the students well for their Board exams.

Remedial classes are held regularly during the zero period in the month of July and August during the first term and in November and January in the second term.Enhancement classes for the bright students are also planned during the same time.