Our Principal

Mrs. Vandana Chawla

Mrs. Vandana Chawla is the recipient of The Delhi State Teachers Award for excellence in education 2016. Mrs. Chawla is a ‘hands on’, progressive and dynamic Principal leading the school successfully into the 21st century. She is the product of an educated family and a highly enlightened environment. Having been a teacher at New Era Public School since 1982, she has embedded herself in the very fabric of the school. She has decades of experience in teaching, guiding, planning, administration and management of students and staff. Elevated to the post of Principal in 2003, Mrs. Chawla is a combination of head and heart. Approachable, witty possessing a sense of humour, willing to see the other side, leading by example, Mrs. Chawla is a role model for the thousands students under her stewardship. A true educationist, her mantra is that learning never truly stops. Mrs Chawla, embodies this ethos as she continues to upgrade her skills by attending seminars and multiple education programmes at the Harvard Principals Centre, IIM’s and other organisations.