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ANNUAL DAY 2016-17


The Earth and sky, Forests and fields, Sun and Moon - These great teachers illuminated our conscience. Once again as New Era Public School organised its 57th Annual Day on 12th May 2017. This year the ceremony was a tribute to Nature.  The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Mr Richard Y S Chiu, Deputy Representative to the Taiwan Embassy. The occasion was also graced by Mrs Usha Chopra, the Founder Principal and Director and Mrs Vandana Chawla, the Principal, New Era Public School, Mayapuri. The school felicitated around 550 students for excellence in academics and co- curricular activities.

The ceremony began with the lamp lighting followed by a splendid orchestra performance by more than 30 students.  The school choir performed their rendition of “Ma Rewa” paying tribute to the joyous flowing spirit of the Narmada River

The play “Nature; a Tribute” was a scathing reminder of the dire need to stay rooted and discard the blind pursuit of materialistic goals. Themes revolving around giving due respect to elders, staying positive in the autumn of life and the numerous those elements of Nature serve to remind us of often and easily forgotten invaluable lessons of life. The memorable evening concluded on a positive note with a promise for an even better year.

    Labour Day Special Assembly

    Labour Day was celebrated in the Primary Wing on 1st May, 2017. The students stressed on the fact that people work hard and contribute towards the betterment of the society. Dignity of labour was impressed upon through music and dance. The students performed a skit to emphasize the fact that we should respect people who work for us. Our Honourable Director, Mrs Usha Chopra, graced the programme and encouraged the students to appreciate the work done by all members of the society, be it the maids, the gardener, the conductors or the guards. She also told the students to help out with small jobs at home. The students  made cards for the maids who work in the Primary wing. They gave them the cards along with chocolates and thanked each one of them for all that they do throughout the year.