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New Era Public School, Mayapuri organised a workshop on  'Sexual Harassment at Workplace and Domestic Violence', conducted by the Delhi State Legal Services Authority for the staff on 27 February 2019 in the AV Room.

The workshop was facilitated by Honourable Magistrate Mr. Vinod Kumar Meena.

The Founding Principal and Director Mrs Usha Chopra and the Principal Mrs Vandana Chawla attended the interactive session and felt that the workshop was very informative and enlightening.

The first half of the workshop focussed on sexual harassment at workplace. A video creating awareness about the issue was shown. It was followed by a discussion on how important it is to voice out these concerns and speak up.

The Honorable Magistrate also shared that seeking legal assistance from the Delhi State Legal Services Authority is gratuitous and hassle free. He also enlightened the staff about what constitutes domestic violence and ways to seek help from the office of the District Magistrate. 

It was a very interesting and informative workshop as it cleared a lot of doubts and educated all those present about the laws supporting justice for women. The workshop culminated with the Principal felicitating Mr. Vinod Kumar Meena.

    The Annual drill display of the Primary wing was held on 23rd February, 2019. The event was held at New Era Public School, Dwarka. The founder Principal and Director, Mrs Usha Chopra graced the occasion. The Principal, Mrs Vandana Chawla and Director of NEPS Dwarka, Mr Rohit Chopra were also present on the occasion. The students of class V presented a marching drill , holding blue and white flags. Class II students performed various yoga asanas. The benefits of yoga were also explained. The students of class I presented ABCD- Anybody can dance. They danced happily to some foot tapping music, which enthralled the audience. A drill by class IV and V students used a combination of dumbells and tambourines.  They did numerous exercises with perfect synchronization. They also performed a drill using colourful cardboard semi-circles. The students showcased their team work by making various formations and pyramids.  The students of class III presented Fusion beats- a mix of jazz and bhangra. In all, over a thousand students participated in the event. Mrs Usha Chopra urged the parents to encourage the children to maintain physical fitness. Mrs Vandana Chawla said that the values of discipline, team work and perseverance were being developed in the students through these events. The event ended with the customary vote of thanks.  

      New Era Public School, Mayapuri organised the Alumni Meet on Saturday, 16 February 2019. The meet began with everyone observing a minute’s silence to remember and pay homage to the young brave hearts who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty in Pulwama on 14 Februrary 2019. The Founding Principal and Director Mrs. Usha Chopra and the Principal, Mrs. Vandana Chawla welcomed the alumni and expressed their pride on the achievements of New Erians in various fields. A few members of the alumni group shared their feelings and thoughts on coming back to their alma mater and expressed their gratitude to the Director, the Principal and the teachers for helping them realise their potential.

      A few faculty members, who have either retired or moved on were invited and felicitated too. Through the day, fun activities like the lemon and spoon race, one legged race, the most interesting ‘fold a saree’ for men and the tug of war were organised for the alumni. The winners in these games were felicitated with gifts for their zeal and exuberance. The event culminated with a promise to connect more often to strengthen the existing bonds. The day stirred emotions, brought back memories and strengthened the bond between the school and its ex-students.  

        Date of the walk-3rd February, 2019

        Participating classes-Class VII & class VIII(78 students)

        Teacher in charge:Ms Ekta Vatts

        Name of teachers who participated in the walk-Ms.Bhavya,Ms.Tannia,Ms Japneet,Ms.Babita,Ms.Shrimati,Ms.Deepti,Mr.Sanchit,Mr.Manjeet,Ms.Ekta,Ms Shyamal, Ms Usha,Ms Priti Gupta

        Collection contributed to CAN support-Rs 1,92,350/-(the highest collection done till date)

         New Era Public School, Mayapuri participated in the 12th Walk for Life, organised by the NGO CAN SUPPORT, on 3rd February 2019. A total of 78 students of classes VII and VIII, along with 12 teachers participated in the walk at Rajpath. It was a two hour long walk to support cancer patients. Students and teachers of New Era Public School, Dwarka also participated enthusiastically. The students realised the importance of the event and wholeheartedly expressed their support for cancer patients. The school was awarded the trophy for being the highest participating educational institution.



          ‘Chrysalis’ is a well graded technology that transforms learners into a colourful butterfly in a year long journey comprising curriculum from Classes I to X, covering nine technology areas. The technology curriculum is dealt thematically to enhance the understanding of the students. The themes are of academic relevance and are supported by interactive audio visual aids.

          New Era Public School, Mayapuri celebrates ‘Chrysalis Day’ with great enthusiasm. Students are divided into groups according to their classes and topics are given class wise. This year Chrysalis Day 2018-19 was celebrated on

          1st February 2019 in the Audio-Visual Room for classes I to IX .The day saw the participation of all the students who prepared their group wise projects on the given topics.

          Mrs. Usha Chopra, Founder Principal and Director and Mrs. Vandana Chawla, Principa, graced the event with their presence. Mrs. Neerja Bhaskar Anand (Sr. Head Mistress and HOD English and Computers) and Mrs. Aarti Mehta (Head Mistress, Primary Wing) were also present to encourage the students. Mrs. Chopra was amazed and ecstatic to see the young students working so well with technology. She also appreciated their wonderful projects and enthusiastic participation.

          The event saw some great project work done by each class group. Classes

          I to V presented their colourful projects and made presentations on different and interesting topics such as My Dream House, Save Resources, My Holiday Album, Carnival Time, Quiz Time, Movie Magic, to name a few,  using softwares such as, Tux Paint, Scribus, Open Office Writer, Greenfoot and OOo4 Kids.

          Classes VI to X also showcased their wonderful skills through their projects on topics like Comic Strip, Science Fair, Gadgets of the Future, Digital Scrap Book and 3D Toy, using softwares like GIMP, Blender, Php + Mysql and HTML + CSS.

          The projects were also witnessed by Mr Gaurav Kapoor from Chrysalis. He was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which the children showcased their projects. The event depicted the teamwork and collaborative technical skills of all participants.

          In the end all the participants were awarded with certificates for their splendid efforts.