School Auditorium

The Saraswati Auditorium, is the primary venue for a number of events including the Annual Day, Prize giving ceremony and numerous inter school competition. Fully air conditioned, the School auditorium has the capacity to seat 800 people and is fully equipped with full stage lighting, surround sound and is the centre of activity and the venue to all major Inter-House, Inter-School and Intra-school functions. The Saraswati Auditorium has proudly hosted functions in the past to felicitate famous Indian personalities, to create an awakening in the students through SPIC MACAY performances and to provide a platform to budding talent during various celebrations and Annual Day Functions.


New Era leadership have always encouraged children to be zealous and voracious readers with emphasis on oratory skill development, debates, public speaking across multiple inter school competitions. The library plays a pivotal role in opening up new worlds, ideas and inspirations by simply using one’s imagination. From a young age children are encouraged to read independently in the Junior Library and the senior library is home to 10,000+ books, ranging from magazines, periodicals and journals to biographies, science-fiction, reference books, dictionaries and scientific research. Our libraries are large, air-conditioned, computerized and fairly contemporary. We encourage the students to develop a voracious appetite for reading. This is reinforced through the house meetings and is heavily reflected in the ethos of the school. After all, knowledge is power and books are an immense source.

School Laboratories

The school has 12 laboratories for including 2 Junior science labs, dedicated senior Physics, Chemistry and Biology practicals where children are encouraged to experiment and understand the role of practical application to theoretical knowledge.  The Math Laboratory is a need-oriented innovation equipped with the latest equipment provides  an excellent and alternative platform for the students to clarify their concepts. Models are used for classes VI-X, and are based on the complete syllabus in general, and geometry in particular. Charts are used for pictorial representation of data.  On the Information Technology (IT) front the school has 3 computer labs, one for juniors exclusively for Primary classes (I-V) and two for seniors with adequate computing space available for all who choose to explore the ICT and computer sciences. All computer laboratories are equipped with the robust hardware, high speed internet and updated software to ensure that we meet the demands of the students, teachers, the curriculum and the ever changing nature of Information technology.  All school laboratories  are regularly updated according to the changing requirements of the students. We ensure that the latest possible equipment and technology is used to impart hands – on experience to the students, so as to clarify their concepts, and prepare them for their Board Exams.


Science Park

An innovative concept and invaluable informal teaching venue. The Science Park at New Era is a collection of gadgets, designed so as to inculcate and develop a more realistic scientific temper among children. Covering various concepts of the natural sciences the science park is an excellent tool for teachers to really show the principles of Mechanics, Optics, Meteorology, Chemistry, Biology and Applied Science. It has become an inseparable facility that enables young minds to see ‘How Things Work’ by providing practical insight further making our students to be more inquisitive and imaginative.


Audio-Visual Room

The audio-visual room is equipped with the latest teaching aids, like electronic white board/display board with Inter-Write software, for a fully immersive multimedia experience ensuring engagement in all mediums. Inspired by this, New Era now hosts its annual SYNC festival where participants from other schools are invited to present multisensory presentations encompassing the skills of movie making, interviewing, audio editing, still photography and public speaking. We encourage students to think ‘out of the box’ and the AV room helps budding filmmakers and artists to explore their passions and creativity.


Sports Facilities

New Era has always encourages young athletes to pursue their sporting interests and provided the support needed from an administrative viewpoint. As such, the school has invested in a full sized Basketball and Volleyball courts. Additionally, there are dedicated areas for practicing Martial Arts including Tae-Kwon-Do , Judo and Yoga. The school has also invested in preparing 3 indoor badminton courts with professional grade vinyl flooring and a table tennis studio with upto 8 tables at any given time. Due to the changing demands of the student community, New Era has also taken the initiative build a sports curriculum that includes the fundamentals of multiple sports from a young age and is developing cricket and football capacity for the school.